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SEMI-GAS® Ultra High Purity Gas Delivery Systems for Semiconductor & Electronics Manufacturing

Since its founding in 1980, Applied Energy Systems’ SEMI-GAS® brand has been serving the innovative and evolving requirements of the semiconductor industry with production-ready equipment, systems, and services of globally renowned quality and reliability.

Our wealth of experience in the highly stringent and rigorous demands of semiconductor processes make SEMI-GAS® uniquely equipped to meet the gas delivery and distribution needs of this unique fast-paced sector while upholding the highest standards of precision and purity. That’s why Tier 1 semiconductor leaders turn to us as their partner of choice – and we always deliver.

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What Makes Our SEMI-GAS® Systems Right for Semiconductor Customers?

SEMI S2 Compliant

All SEMI-GAS® equipment upholds the requirements of this cornerstone safety guideline for semiconductor fabrication facilities, making them proven in practice to provide the highest levels of precision, purity, and operator control.

State-of-Art Control Technology

Our SEMI-GAS® products are equipped with our premier line of UL-labeled GigaGuard™ controllers, which feature intuitive operation and the utmost control needed for advanced production environments like yours.

Analytical Tested and Approved

All SEMI-GAS® systems undergo sampling validation testing to ensure purity standards of less than 100 ppb for Moisture, Oxygen and Total Hydrocarbons, and less than 5 Particle counts per cubic foot at the 0.1 – 0.3 um range – so you can be sure our gas delivery systems are of the highest quality.

The right ultra high purity gas delivery system can empower semiconductor innovators to capitalize on opportunities for differentiation. Don’t settle for less.

Over 35 years, we’ve perfected the engineering of our SEMI-GAS® systems to uphold excellence in your semiconductor processes and output. Use our delivery innovation to power yours.

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