Customized Systems Through Applied Innovation

Learn How AES Applies Equipment Innovation to Uphold Your Distinct Process Demands

No two industries or companies are alike, and neither are their processes or operational requirements. Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all gas delivery equipment solution when your system need is one of a kind.

With AES as your manufacturing partner, you won’t have to. Our engineering team will take you through our unique Applied Solutions process, where you can enjoy our renowned products while tapping into the innovation and expertise necessary to meet your specific demands.

Combining decades of equipment engineering expertise, robust core product offerings, and a proven track record of innovation, AES’ Applied Solutions process will facilitate the creation of a system custom-tailored to enable seamless, safe, and precise gas delivery to suit your application.

Explore our Applied Innovation eBook and case study resources to learn more about how the process works, and the results it enables for customers across industries.

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See AES’ Applied Innovation in Action

Download these case studies to see custom equipment solutions we’ve delivered to customers across industries.

Toxic Gas Detection System

See how this custom solution provided lab researchers with the capabilities to safely and seamlessly monitor specialty gases that support innovative beamline experimentation at a national government R&D laboratory.

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Xturion™ Adaptable Source System

Learn how AES custom engineered this single system, which includes four separate, self-contained one cylinder enclosures, to enable a semiconductor fab to flexibly deliver diverse gases needed for process tool experimentation.

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Activity Tester Cabinet

Learn how this Applied Solution served specific industrial manufacturing requirements by addressing the analytical testing complexities facing sulfuric acid plant operators within their plant environment.

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