Analytical Testing

Comprehensive Testing by QA Specialists:
Ensure Process Purity, Performance and Regulatory Compliance

Driven to achieve the performance and purity you require, we work to understand the intricacies of your process requirements, where your high or ultra high purity system fits, and how it needs to operate, in order to deliver quality assured systems and piping that uphold your distinct regulatory demands.

Our ASTM-compliant team of QA specialists combines sophisticated, high-tech analytical instrumentation with technical know-how to validate system and line performance with dependable, accurate results.

We understand that your gas delivery solutions must uphold your quality standards, to ensure top quality in your process output. From analytical testing of high and ultra high purity process piping to pressure, function, and particulate testing of gas delivery systems, the Applied Services team can completely customize their quality assurance services to your process and regulatory requirements.


Our Analytical Testing Capabilities Include:


  • Leybold Inficon Dry Leak Detectors
  • Pall Moisture Analyzers
  • Ametek Oxygen Analyzers
  • PMS Particle Counters
  • Rosemount Hydrocarbon Analyzers
  • Titan Precision Borescopes
  • Meeco Moisture Analyzers


  • Helium Leak Testing to 1 x 10-9Atm-cc/sec
  • Hydrocarbon Testing to 20 ppb
  • Oxygen Analysis to 1 ppb
  • Moisture Analysis to 1 ppb
  • Particulate Testing to 0.014 micron
  • Pressure and Function Testing to User-Specified Requirements
  • Other trace contaminants

Talk to AES today to learn how our Applied Services team will deliver the expert analytical testing services you need to validate the performance, purity, quality, and compliance of the gas delivery systems that power even your most complex and innovative processes.

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