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January 30, 2017

Energized for the Future: How AES is Helping to Power Clean Energy Innovation

In our last blog we touched on the fact that analysts are tracking the increasing volume of industrial gases used for clean energy generation, and we are seeing this industry trend play out right here at AES. The rising demand for environmentally friendly power sources that can lower our carbon footprint has led to more investment, research, and innovation in this area, and in turn is yielding more diverse forms of alternative energy. While our company has a long track record supporting PV and solar companies in their renewable energy efforts, our energy customers are now also becoming more diversified.

One such area that we are currently supporting is clean fusion energy experimentation. Fusion power is based on the same processes that power the sun, and requires the right combination of plasma pressure, temperature, and confinement time to create a reaction that becomes self-sustaining. This is obviously a very complex reaction to achieve, but has the potential to produce virtually unlimited supplies of safe, zero-emission energy. The incredible benefits of this type of energy are spurring on researchers, who are using reactors to simulate the conditions necessary for fusion, and finding success.

The gases used in experimentation for fusion energy are complex, and require very precise handling and delivery. They must be consistently delivered at the proper flow rates, and with the utmost purity, to create the conditions fusion demands. That is where AES’ systems come in. We are able to deliver the premium, often customized gas delivery equipment solutions that these clean energy innovators require. Whether handling hydrogen isotopes like deuterium (2H) or supporting mixtures for fuel gas supply, we work closely with our energy customers to develop systems that support cutting-edge research in energy generation.

The outlook for these energy innovations looks bright, and we here at AES are thrilled to be able to play a role in helping our customers create new, sustainable sources to power our world’s future.

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