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See how we’ve helped our customers solve their application-specific challenges with high and ultra high purity gas delivery systems custom-engineered to their production environment, process requirements, and regulatory demands.

Xturion™ Hybrix™

Custom gas source and distribution system that combines the functionality of multiple gas cabinets and valve manifold boxes into one dynamic system.

  • Controls the supply of up to 10 process gases to one or multiple points of use, or tool chambers, from both internal and external source supplies, via a single user interface
  • Perfectly suited for semiconductor process tool and research applications, by enabling the operator to quickly and easily switch between process gases for experimentation and recipe development
  • Eliminates the need for multiple safety devices including gas, exhaust and fire detection units, as well as separate gas source and distribution system controllers
  • Minimizes cost of ownership by reducing several utility requirements, such as exhaust, clean dry air, electricity and purge gas supply

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Xturion™ MGE-X™

Mini gas enclosure that provides safe and continuous gas delivery from small process and purge gas cylinders.

  • Compact form factor includes all the same operational and safety features required for two complete source systems, with four process and purge cylinders
  • Ideal for low volume applications or where space is limited
  • Includes two separate compartments, each designed for a process and a purge cylinder (also available in a single source design, with one empty compartment that is expandable for future applications)
  • Equipped with adjustable steel shelves and cylinder straps as well as adjustable back mounted exhaust ducts

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Xturion™ Mobilytix™

Mobile analytical cart for analyzing impurities within a process gas line, featuring a flexible design that allows for customized instrumentation and data collection.

  • Used to monitor and protect various critical downstream gas processes and tools
  • Integrated automatic data logging controller collects and compiles analytical data from each analyzer
  • Features lockable heavy duty steel casters for both stationary and mobile analytical monitoring
  • Various analyzer configurations available to precisely tailor the system’s operational needs for each application

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Xturion™ Samplex™

Automatic gas sampling system that eliminates operator touch time while certifying cylinders of blended gas mixtures.

  • Eliminates human error while sampling any gases that can be detected using a Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) analyzer
  • Ideal for EPA protocol analysis and for gas suppliers and gas companies that make EPA approved blended mixtures
  • Capable of comparative ratio analysis in parts per million (PPM) and parts per billion (PPB) of multiple gases, with reports and sample certificates generated automatically
  • Designed to integrate seamlessly with an MKS MultiGas FTIR analyzer

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Xturion™ VaporX™

Custom gas source system that safely and continuously delivers low vapor pressure liquefied process gases in vapor phase.

  • Accommodates low vapor pressure gases used in semiconductor, LED and solar cell production, as well as in R&D applications
  • Available in one and two process cylinder models, each utilizing an intuitive GigaGuard™ PLC controller for easy system operation
  • Features an integrated fully automatic multi-zone heat control package to guard against undesirable process gas liquefaction and to help sustain the system’s cylinder temperatures and flowrates
  • Uses a simplified manifold design with lower loss components and a streamlined path layout to reduce costs and minimize system downtime

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