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High Purity Gas Delivery Systems for Safe, Versatile Gas Handling Needs

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VERSA-GAS™ serves customers from a diverse range of verticals that seek safe, reliable high purity gas delivery and distribution systems, equipment, and control technology fit for their requirements, and tailored to their needs.

Our customers value cost-effective systems and equipment that meet their budget and application demands without quality tradeoffs. With VERSA-GAS™, you won’t settle for less than the best in reliability and safety.

A Deep Understanding of Diverse Demands

Having developed VERSA-GAS™ solutions to support gas delivery requirements in verticals from manufacturing to research, our veteran team has first-hand experience providing high-value engineering for application-specific needs.

Right-Sized for Your Unique Requirements

Our products and solutions scale to your needs, no matter the size or scope of your requirements. Companies of all sizes, from innovative start-ups to global market leaders, enjoy VERSA-GAS™’s superior versatility, dependability, and safety.

Cost Effectiveness without Quality Compromises

With our VERSA-GAS™ products, we ensure that your gas delivery solutions are achieving what they need to safely and reliably, and that your investment is scaled to fit your requirements.

Explore our VERSA-GAS™ Solutions for High Purity Applications

vsource gas source systems

High purity gas delivery systems made for diverse environments and requirements.

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vspec specialty gas equipment

Products and components that are optimal for handling inert and non-reactive gases.

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bulk specialty gas systems

Proven to perform with the utmost reliability for bulk process gas delivery.

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vsupply gas distribution systems

Powering safe and reliable high purity gas distribution systems in flexible designs.

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vrun controllers

High purity gas equipment controller technology that ensures safety is top priority.

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Don’t see what you’re looking for in our standard VERSA-GAS™ line?

Tell us about your requirements and we’ll engineer the solution to meet your needs.

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