Aerospace and Defense

Taking Precision and Purity to New Heights:
Ultra High Purity Gas Delivery Systems for Aerospace & Defense Innovation

Born and bred in the highly stringent and ever-evolving semiconductor space, AES’ SEMI-GAS® line of UHP gas delivery systems is made to support the complex, innovative, and often tightly regulated demands of aerospace and defense applications.

These production-ready systems are SEMI S2 compliant, upholding the cornerstone safety guideline for semiconductor fabrication facilities. As such, their safety, reliability, and performance are proven in practice, and translate easily to similarly advanced production environments, like those of aerospace and aircraft facilities.

What Makes Our SEMI-GAS® Systems Right for Aerospace & Defense?

Built to Support Your Continual Innovation

Aiding in your development to improve aerospace & defense safety, asset longevity, and performance, we engineer our UHP gas delivery systems to meet your application demands with similarly high levels of quality.

State-of-Art Control Technology

Our SEMI-GAS® products are equipped with our premier line of UL-labeled GigaGuard™ controllers, which feature touchscreen interfaces for intuitive operation and the utmost control needed for advanced production environments like yours.

Analytical Tested and Approved

All SEMI-GAS® systems undergo sample validation testing to ensure purity standards of less than 100 ppb for Moisture, Oxygen and Total Hydrocarbons– so you can be sure your process output is of the highest quality.

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The ‘Equipment First’ Approach to Gas Delivery Excellence

Explore the key aspects you should consider when selecting a gas delivery system to meet your industry regulations and process demands.

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Successful production processes are business-critical – and the right ultra high purity gas delivery systems are what empower your processes to perform at optimal output. Don’t settle for less.

Over 35 years, we’ve perfected the engineering of our SEMI-GAS® systems to provide the control, quality, and precision your aerospace & defense applications demand. Use our delivery innovation to power yours.

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