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Precision and Purity, Down to a Science:
High and Ultra High Purity Gas Delivery Solutions to Power Research

Process control is paramount in research, where even the slightest variance in precision or reproducibility can negatively impact your valuable findings. Don’t experiment with the effectiveness of your process equipment—depend on the gas delivery system specialists to ensure their quality, time and again.

AES’ high and ultra high purity gas delivery equipment is respected throughout the research industry for proven reliability and consistent performance—capable of upholding the highest levels of precision and purity while giving you the control you need to ensure accuracy and integrity in your research results. Watch the video to see how.

gas delivery equipment for R&D

What Makes AES the Choice for Research Labs and Universities?

Proven in Performance

Top universities and global research laboratories alike have been using AES’ gas delivery systems for decades to achieve new standards of reproducibility, uniformity, and quality in their research applications.

Adaptable to Your Process Demands

Researchers may use VERSA-GAS™ systems for their high purity gas applications, where reliability and cost containment are paramount. They can also turn to SEMI-GAS®’ production-ready UHP systems when their applications must uphold the strictest regulatory and performance requirements.

Access to the Gas Delivery Experts

We understand the science behind reliable gas delivery. Tap into our team’s deep knowledge and discover new ways to maximize safety, productivity, and efficiency in your processes.

toxic gas detection system



Toxic Gas Detection System for Leading Government Laboratory

See how AES developed a solution to help this lab detect potential gas releases from its complex gas handling system, and channel that data into its existing Facility Monitoring System for seamless and comprehensive safety management.

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Your high purity gas delivery system should empower experiments, not be one. Don’t settle for less.

Whether your requirements are driven by innovation, regulation, or both, we are capable of engineering the gas delivery and distribution systems to advance your research efforts. You’ll see why our VERSA-GAS™ products are perfect for discovery work, and how our SEMI-GAS® offerings optimally support more advanced, compliance-driven projects.

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