Turion™ Accessories

Turion™ accessories are available to supplement the systems within our SEMI-GAS® line of ultra high purity gas delivery solutions.

These products can be used to customize or modify SEMI-GAS® systems with high-quality accessories that enable you to tailor your UHP gas delivery solution to your specific production environment and process.

Turion™ accessories include:

  • Analog Cylinder Scale
  • Flexible Cylinder Pigtail
  • Rigid Cylinder Pigtail
  • Auto-Guard™ Cylinder Connection Cover
  • 1CE Gas Cabinet Air Filter
  • 2CE Gas Cabinet Air Filter
  • Cylinder Shelf
  • Cylinder Holder for Small Diameter Cylinders
  • Cylinder Restraint with Strap and Chain
  • Rubber Floor Mat
  • Cylinder Ramp
  • CGA Cylinder Connection Handle/Wrench
  • CGA or DISS Cylinder Connections
  • Gasket Sert Filters
  • System Manuals

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Most Turion™ accessories are available for purchase through AES’ online shop. If you don’t see what you are looking for there, please contact our team to help fulfill your product need.

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