vSupply™ Gas Distribution Systems

VERSA-GAS™’ line of vSupply™ Gas Distribution Systems provide safe, reliable, and continuous high purity gas distribution from a single source gas supply to multiple points of use.

Our vSupply™ systems come in a variety of stick configurations to effectively meet your cost, process, and quality requirements, and are used to distribute a main gas feed to various tools and locations.

Supporting high purity gas distribution requirements in verticals from manufacturing to research, our VERSA-GAS™ vSupply™ Gas Distribution Systems are engineered to support diverse application-specific needs. If you don’t see the configuration you are looking for below, contact the VERSA-GAS™ team and we will tailor a VMB to meet your unique specifications.

Explore our vSupply™ Gas Distribution Systems Offerings

Manual VMB

Manual Valve Manifold Box (VMB)


Semi Auto Valve Manifold Box

Semi-Automatic Valve Manifold Box (VMB)




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