Our Gas Delivery Innovation to Power Your Industry Edge:
Find Solutions as Unique as Your Process Requirements

By understanding the distinct requirements of your industry and organization, we provide the gas handling and delivery solutions that effectively power your business-critical processes.

We combine products from our renowned SEMI-GAS® and VERSA-GAS™ lines with a deep understanding of the industry-specific requirements your organization must uphold to deliver high or ultra high purity gas delivery equipment optimized to your performance, regulatory, and budgetary requirements.

mastering complex gas handling demands

Mastering Complex Demands

For 40 years, our SEMI-GAS® brand has been the gas delivery solution serving the semiconductor industry’s rapidly evolving, ever-stringent manufacturing demands. Today we apply that same expertise across an array of innovative industries seeking world-class designs for safety, quality and performance.

Who We Serve

ultra high purity gas delivery requirements

Industries with rigorous ultra high purity gas delivery demands.

For those with demanding ultra high purity requirements who seek premier, production-ready gas delivery solutions, we offer our SEMI-GAS® products and related services. Customers include those in:

high purity gas delivery requirements

Organizations with diverse high purity gas applications.

For those with diverse high purity gas requirements who value cost effective, reliable systems with proven safety, we offer VERSA-GAS™ gas delivery solutions and services. Customers include those in:

partnering for gas delivery solutions

Our partners in delivering comprehensive gas solutions.

We also partner to provide SEMI-GAS® or VERSA-GAS™ solutions for:

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