GigaGuard™ Control Technology

GigaGuard™ controllers, the state-of-the-art, UL labeled control technology by SEMI-GAS®, represent the ultimate in intuitive, safe, and precise UHP gas system control.

These programmable controllers provide continuous monitoring and easy management of the gas delivery systems that are critical to your process and production environments.

Known for their high-end features and functionality, GigaGuard™ controllers include color touchscreens and LED displays, and are used to optimize the output of advanced semiconductor, electronics, and high-tech manufacturing customers around the world.

All semi automatic and automatic products in our SEMI-GAS® line of ultra high purity gas delivery and distribution systems utilize one of our premium GigaGuard™ controllers: Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC); Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESS); Gas Safety Monitors (GSM); Pressure Status Indicators (PSI); and Compact Data Monitors (CDM).

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