Nanoturion™ Distribution Systems

SEMI-GAS®’ line of Nanoturion™ Distribution Systems provides safe and continuous gas distribution from a single source gas supply to multiple points of use.

Featuring an in-line architecture, which is unique to SEMI-GAS®, these distribution systems are engineered in a compact, modular design to reduce the dead space volume compared to other high purity valve manifold configurations.

Each gas distribution manifold system also utilizes springless diaphragm valves, pressure transducers, and tied diaphragm regulators to maximize purge efficiency and eliminate contamination of the source supply.

This protection, combined with a SEMI S2 compliant design, makes Nantourion™ distribution systems ideal for use in the manufacture of a variety of highly advanced, precision-driven nanotechnology and microelectronics products.

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Semi-Automatic ESO per Stick Distribution System



Fully Automatic Distribution System


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