Bulk Gas Delivery

Handle Higher Flow Rates with the
Highest Standards of Safety & Reliability

Increasing output to keep up with the growing demand for semiconductor materials creates greater need for process gases. Bulk gas delivery systems can solve capacity challenges, but the higher flow rates they provide also create unique thermodynamic issues that must be properly addressed to ensure safety and pure delivery.

Do you know the key elements you should look for in a winning bulk gas delivery system? Our interactive infographic will visually step you through 5 top factors to consider when assessing your options.

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bulk gas delivery system

    SEMI-GAS® Megaturion™ Bulk Specialty Gas Systems: The Leading Choice of Fabs

    Learn how the Megaturion™ line of bulk solutions check all the boxes
    for safety, purity, and precision while meeting high flow rate requirements.

    Bulk Gas Distribution System

    Megaturion™ Bulk Gas Distribution System


    Bulk Gas Source System

    Megaturion™ Bulk Gas Source System


    Bulk MultiCylinder Gas Source System

    Megaturion™ Bulk MultiCylinder Gas Source System


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    The Experts in Gas Delivery System Excellence

    Access a 50 year legacy in HP and UHP gas delivery

    Singularly focused on gas delivery, Applied Energy Systems (AES) offers the comprehensive high and ultra high purity gas delivery systems, services, and solutions required to meet your most rigorous demands. Learn how.

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    Gas Purification Solution Guide

    A proven partner for diverse gas purification needs, including bulk purifiers

    The gas purifier plays an integral role in upholding specific requirements for gas purity. Discover how ARM Purification’s suite of purifiers can meet a full range of application requirements for gas type, flow rate, and pressure.

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