The Approach for Gas Delivery Excellence

Are your process gas molecules EMPOWERED to perform?
Enable Process Excellence with an ‘Equipment First’ Approach

Pure gases are required for pure output, but there is a critical component of ensuring gas purity that is too often treated as an afterthought: the gas delivery system.

If gases are compromised by their handling equipment, so is the output – meaning that system selection has a direct impact on productivity, profitability, and even brand reputation. With an ‘Equipment First’ approach, you can help to ensure excellence in safety, precision, and quality throughout your processes.

What does it mean to put Equipment First?

It means making your gas delivery equipment selection a strategic decision, so that it becomes a strategic asset. And it means understanding all the considerations that go into system evaluation, and addressing them each in a methodical way based on your distinct industry and application requirements.

The ‘Equipment First’ Approach to Gas Delivery Excellence

In this Buyer’s Guide, you will discover why proper system selection is critical to ensuring your operators can reliably and safely maintain optimal purity, precision, and control.

You’ll Learn:

  • What key aspects you must consider when selecting a gas delivery system.
  • How to assess equipment specifications in line with your industry’s regulations and your own process demands.
  • Why your system manufacturer plays an important role in process optimization.


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For Rigorous Ultra High Purity Needs in Specialized Applications

SEMI-GAS® serves industries with demanding ultra high purity requirements who are seeking premier, production-ready gas delivery systems that conform to stringent SEMI S2 standards.

See why the semiconductor industry’s Tier 1 leaders – and other innovators all over the world – make SEMI-GAS® their brand of choice.

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For Safe, Versatile High Purity Gas Delivery Across Diverse Industries

VERSA-GAS™ serves customers from a diverse range of verticals that seek safe, reliable high purity gas delivery solutions that are fit for their requirements, and tailored to their needs.

See why customers value this cost-effective equipment to meet their budget and application demands without safety tradeoffs.

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