Is Your Process Environment WELL-EQUIPPED?

AES Ensures You are WELL-EQUIPPED for Quality Output

Whether used in a semiconductor fab, a research lab, or another innovative environment, your high and ultra high purity gases play a critical role in the quality and uniformity of your desired output.

These gases can only perform to the highest standards if they are delivered by systems that uphold the purity, precision, and control that your processes demand. At AES, we never let this vital equipment be an afterthought.

Take a Systems-Level Approach to Process Excellence.

As your Equipment Experts, the AES team is singularly focused on engineering comprehensive gas delivery solutions that meet your unique performance requirements – protecting the purity of your precious process gases while optimizing their ability to positively impact output.

By understanding the demands of your industry and your applications, we can tailor our gas delivery system solutions to function optimally within your unique process environment.

Make AES Your Single Source for Premier Gas Delivery Systems and Equipment.

Since 1968, customers have entrusted us with their most complex gas delivery requirements and challenges. Our veteran engineering team has invaluable first-hand experience problem solving and collaborating on best-in-class equipment solutions through every phase of an organization’s growth and evolution.

Your gas delivery systems should empower you to capitalize on opportunities for differentiation. Use our gas delivery innovation to power yours.

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semi-gas gas cabinets

For Rigorous Ultra High Purity Needs in Specialized Applications

SEMI-GAS® serves industries with demanding ultra high purity requirements who are seeking premier, production-ready gas delivery systems that conform to stringent SEMI S2 standards.

See why the semiconductor industry’s Tier 1 leaders – and other innovators all over the world – make SEMI-GAS® their brand of choice.

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versa-gas gas cabinets

For Safe, Versatile High Purity Gas Delivery Across Diverse Industries

VERSA-GAS™ serves customers from a diverse range of verticals that seek safe, reliable high purity gas delivery solutions that are fit for their requirements, and tailored to their needs.

See why customers value this cost-effective equipment to meet their budget and application demands without safety tradeoffs.

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