SEMI-GAS®: The Mark of Excellence

Looking for the Highest Standard? Look to SEMI-GAS®.

For 40 years, SEMI-GAS® has been serving the innovative and evolving requirements of the semiconductor industry with production-ready ultra high purity gas delivery systems of globally renowned quality and reliability.

Today, Tier 1 leaders and other high-tech innovators around the world turn to Applied Energy Systems’ SEMI-GAS® brand to uphold their most stringent application and regulatory demands.

Use Our SEMI-GAS® Delivery Innovation to Power Yours

Born and bred in the fast-paced semiconductor industry, we understand that continual innovation is key to differentiation. We’ve perfected the engineering of our SEMI-GAS® gas delivery systems to uphold excellence in your processes and output.

Our team is well-versed in the stringent application and regulatory requirements of your industry, and will tailor our SEMI-GAS® solutions to function optimally within your unique process environment.


Explore our SEMI-GAS® Solutions for Ultra High Purity Applications

Made for the most precise UHP gas delivery in the most advanced production environments.

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Proven performance in a modular design to meet an array of UHP application demands.

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Premier solutions for gas distribution from a single source gas supply to multiple points of use.

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The standard for safe distribution and delivery of bulk hazardous process gases.

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Custom-engineered systems for your specialized applications and UHP requirements.

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State-of-the-art, intuitive controllers to ensure safe and continuous gas delivery.

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