Gasket Sert Filter
Detail: Gasket Sert Filter

Price: $217.00

Gasket Sert Filter

SKU: S403-0015

For protecting regulators and MFCs
In-Line Design
Easy Installation
Fits in place of standard ¼” VCR Gasket
Broad Compatibility with process gases

All metal construction
Body: Hastelloy C-22
Gasket: Nickel 200

Cleanroom package
No housing required
Retrofit of existing panels without reconfiguring systems
Zero displacement

Removal Rating: 0.4 um
Element Burst Pressure Rating: 750 PSID @ 100°F | 400 PSID @ 840°F
Element Crush Pressure Rating: 300 PSID @ 100°F |160 PSID @ 840°F
Recommended Flow Range: 0-10 SCFM/0-280 slpm
Maximum Operating Temperature Non Corrosive Gases: 840°F / 240°C
Maximum Operating Temperature Corrosive Gases: 70°F / 21°C
Maximum Differential Pressure: 400 PSID @ 840°F | 700 PSID @ 100°F

Additional Information

Weight .05 lbs
Dimensions .89 x .5 x .5 in