The Rise of the Smart Fab & The Role of Your Gas Delivery System

As increasingly more complex applications demand greater efficiency, precision, and flexibility from wafer manufacturers, fabrication facilities are challenged to unleash new, system-wide intelligence. Introducing the smart fab. The smart fab is a fabrication facility that has embraced Industry 4.0 to deliver actionable insights to operators in real time and drive transformative benefits.

But what makes a fab “S-M-A-R-T,”
and how can traditional fabs get there? Access our “How Smart is Your Gas Delivery?” eBook to learn what it takes to be a smart fab, and why your gas delivery systems are a great starting point for Industry 4.0 transformation.

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    Product Spotlight

    GigaGuard™ Control Technology

    Our line of Industry-4.0 ready programmable controllers is capable of providing real-time monitoring and integration with system-wide equipment for improved precision, control, and safety.

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    Ultra High Purity Gas Delivery for Industry 4.0 Applications

    For 35 years, SEMI-GAS® has been the fab’s trusted gas delivery system. Specialized for the most stringent purity demands, our SEMI-GAS® line provides innovators in the semiconductor industry production-ready gas delivery systems that are S2 compliant and compatible with Industry 4.0-ready, UL labeled controllers for safer, more reliable wafer fabrication.

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    Gas Delivery & the Smart Fab:

    How the Gas Delivery System is an Integral Part of Industry 4.0 Transformation

    The fourth, data-driven industrial revolution has begun to transform the face of manufacturing. Learn how to jump start Industry 4.0 in your fabrication plant, starting with the gas delivery system.

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    The Making of an Applied Solution:

    PLC Controller Adds Intelligent Adaptability to Source System

    See how AES’ GigaGuard™ controller enables local and remote system monitoring of and data collection from a custom SEMI-GAS® source system used for process tool experimentation.

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    Is Your Fab Floor Industry 4.0-Ready?

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