The Enhanced GigaGuard PLC Controller
Speed. Reliability. Safety. Control.

Applied Energy Systems’ SEMI-GAS® line has long been recognized as the industry standard in ultra high purity gas delivery. As semiconductor fabs harness data in new ways, we are committed to providing the gas delivery system control technology they need to support Industry 4.0 initiatives.

That is why we are happy to share some enhancements to our SEMI-GAS® GigaGuard PLC Controller, aimed at making our most advanced controller offering even more powerful and reliable to drive new efficiencies in your fab.

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    Enhancements, At-A-Glance

    The updated SEMI-GAS® GigaGuard PLC Controller includes the following new features:

    • Updated Internal Controller
      Equipped with the Siemens SIMATIC S7-1500 Series PLC CPU—the most powerful processor for automation on the market—to power real-time data exchange and support a variety of Industry 4.0 initiatives.
    • Hot Swap Modules
      Enables continuous data synchronization with zero interruptions during system updates.
    • Fire Relay Outputs
      New fire relay outputs are available to easily integrate the controller with your facility’s fire detection systems.
    • Optional Power Transducers
      The controller is now equipped with optional pressure transducers in addition to pressure switches in order to provide more granular monitoring of a full range of pressures.

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    Ultra High Purity Gas Delivery for Industry 4.0 Applications

    For 35 years, SEMI-GAS® has been the fab’s trusted gas delivery system. Specialized for the most stringent purity demands, our SEMI-GAS® line provides innovators in the semiconductor industry production-ready gas delivery systems that are S2 compliant and compatible with Industry 4.0-ready, UL labeled controllers for safer, more reliable wafer fabrication.

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