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Do you have the proper gas system equipment in place?

The gas system controller is instrumental to ensuring safe and continuous gas delivery across mission-critical operations in various fast-paced, innovation-driven industries.

Read our Quick Guide to Gas System Controllers to learn everything you need to know about why gas control technology is so important—and how to select the right controller for your unique requirements.


    Product Spotlight

    GigaGuard™ Control Technology

    Our line of Industry-4.0 ready programmable logic controllers is capable of providing real-time monitoring and integration with equipment facility-wide for improved precision, control, and safety.

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    Industry 4.0-Ready Gas Control Technology

    For 40 years, SEMI-GAS® has been the fab’s trusted gas delivery system. Specialized for the most stringent purity demands, our SEMI-GAS® line provides innovators SEMI S2 compliant Industry 4.0-ready, UL labeled controllers for safer, more reliable wafer fabrication.

    GigaGuard™ GSM-V:

    Upgrade Your Controller Technology

    The GSM-V Gas Safety Monitor Controller controls ultra high purity gas and monitors analog and digital process sensors. It’s an ideal choice for retrofitting older controllers.

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    applied innovation

    The Making of an Applied Solution:

    PLC Controller Adds Intelligent Adaptability

    See how AES’ GigaGuard™ controller enables local and remote system monitoring of and data collection from a custom SEMI-GAS® source system used for process tool experimentation.

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