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March 28, 2018

Applied Energy Systems Introduces Its New VERSA-GAS™ vSpec™ Line of Specialty Gas Equipment

New Product Offerings are Configurable for a Range of Inert and Non-Reactive Gas Applications

MALVERN, PA, MARCH 28, 2018 — Applied Energy Systems (AES), provider of high and ultra high purity gas systems, services, and solutions – including design, manufacturing, testing, installation, and expert field services – has expanded its VERSA-GAS™ product offerings to include vSpec™, a new line of specialty gas equipment built for handling inert and non-reactive gases. Components and equipment in the vSpec™ line are ideal for specialty gas delivery applications requiring configurable, safe, and code-compliant solutions at a cost-effective price point.

vSpec™ gas equipment has been engineered to support specialty gas processes required by research labs, universities, pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations, as well as by the food, chemical, utilities, and welding industries. vSpec™ solutions can also be coupled with AES’ SEMI-GAS® and VERSA-GAS™ lines to create comprehensive gas handling systems for ultra high purity and reactive gas applications, such as those used in R&D and semiconductor manufacturing. The vSpec™ line includes:

  • vSpec™ Regulators for pressure control of diverse specialty gases, available in both forged and barstock brass and stainless steel.
  • vSpec™ Gas Cabinets available in one, two, and three cylinder manual or semi-automatic cabinet configurations.
  • vSpec™ Protocol Stations designed for wall mounting regulators to improve operator safety and ease of use.
  • vSpec™ Switchover and Gas Panels available with semi- automatic switchover capabilities to prevent downtime during cylinder change-overs.
  • Seamless interfacing with VERSA-GAS™ vRun™ Controllers, including the vRun™ PSI Controller, vRun™ ESS Controller, and vRun™ CDM300 Controller, to create integrated gas source systems.

“Using brass and stainless steel components, NPT connections, and compression fittings, our vSpec™ solutions are made specifically for our customers’ with lower purity grade process and purge gas applications, so that we can save them both time and expense on their projects without sacrificing quality or safety,” said Steve Buerkel, President of Applied Energy Systems. “All vSpec™ configurations are helium leak tested to 1×10-6 atm-cm3/sec, designed for CGA compliance, and backed by the same engineering team that has developed all the proven solutions in our SEMI-GAS® and VERSA-GAS™ lines. We’re proud to now offer vSpec™ as a part of our VERSA-GAS™ product family for customers with non-reactive specialty gas delivery demands.”

Customers interested in vSpec™ Specialty Gas Equipment line for their inert and non-reactive gas applications can contact AES at for more information.


About Applied Energy Systems

Applied Energy Systems (AES) is the premier provider of high and ultra high purity gas systems, services, and solutions. Since 1968, customers have turned to AES for high-value systems engineering – including design, manufacturing, testing, and field services. Whether equipment requirements are driven by regulation, innovation, or both, AES brings together its specialized engineering capabilities and vast scope of product offerings to create the gas delivery solutions that meet business-critical process demands.

With two industry-leading equipment divisions, SEMI-GAS® and VERSA-GAS™, AES addresses high purity and ultra high purity gas delivery needs for a diverse range of rigorous applications, including semiconductors and electronics, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, photovoltaics, manufacturing, research laboratories, universities and more. For more information, visit