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September 5, 2019

Applied Energy Systems Chosen to Supply SEMI-GAS® Ultra High Purity Gas Delivery Systems to a Global Industrial Technology Leader

AES will Supply SEMI-GAS® Products to Tooling and Industrial Materials Supplier to Increase Production Efficiency and Precision as they Expand their Facilities.

MALVERN, PA, SEPTEMBER 5, 2019 — Applied Energy Systems (AES), provider of high and ultra high purity gas systems, services, and solutions – including design, manufacturing, testing, installation, and expert field service – has been selected by a manufacturer of tooling and industrial materials to supply a wide array of its SEMI-GAS® ultra high purity gas delivery systems for their production applications. AES will provide premiere products from their SEMI-GAS® line, including the Centurion™, Nanoturion™, Megaturion™, Decaturion™, and Xturion™ Liquid Push Delivery Systems (LPX) in varying configurations. Using SEMI-GAS® solutions, this leader in industrial technology will be able to decrease possible contaminations, reduce operator error, and increase production capacity through building a new manufacturing facility.

To house hazardous gases safely and uphold the highest levels of precision and purity, AES will supply a number Centurion™ gas cabinets. The manufacturer will use an array of fully automatic Nanoturion™ Distribution Systems to safely distribute hazardous process gases from one supply source to multiple points of use. To handle the high volume and delivery of hazardous gases, AES will supply numerous Megaturion™ Bulk MultiCylinder gas source systems, to ensure the highest level of precision and control in their ultra high purity production applications. The leader in industrial technology will also use various Decaturion™ Wall Mount Systems, which will give them the flexibility to fit the modular design into their unique production environment while upholding the strict precision and purity demands of ultra high purity gas delivery.

To support a diverse range of processes requiring liquid delivery, AES will supply Xturion™ Liquid Push Delivery Systems (LPX™). SEMI-GAS®’ line of Xturion™ Custom Gas Equipment is custom designed to meet specialized customer needs, solving their most complex gas delivery and distribution challenges. The LPX™ delivers ultra high purity liquids to a point-of-use with a passive push gas, supporting very diverse liquid source and distribution requirements. Using their SEMI-GAS® Solutions, AES also engineered specialized liquid Nanoturion™ Distribution Systems and vacuum pump systems for the leader in industrial technology. The Nanoturion™ Distribution Systems will maximize purge efficiency and eliminate contamination of source supply.

“When the company explained they needed to precisely, and safely, increase their production capacity using ultra high purity gas delivery systems, we knew our SEMI-GAS® equipment would suit them perfectly,” said Jim Murphy, General Manager of Applied Energy Systems. “A reliable, high performance gas delivery system is crucial to production capacity, efficiency, and profitability, so we are honored they partnered with AES on this major facility expansion.”

Customers interested in integrating SEMI-GAS® products into their fabrication or experimentation processes can contact AES at for details.


About Applied Energy Systems

Applied Energy Systems (AES) is the premier provider of high and ultra high purity gas systems, services, and solutions. Since 1968, customers have turned to AES for high-value systems engineering – including design, manufacturing, testing, and field services. Whether equipment requirements are driven by regulation, innovation, or both, AES brings together its specialized engineering capabilities and vast scope of product offerings to create the gas delivery solutions that meet business-critical process demands.

With two industry-leading equipment divisions, SEMI-GAS® and VERSA-GAS™, AES addresses high purity and ultra high purity gas delivery needs for a diverse range of rigorous applications, including semiconductors and electronics, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, photovoltaics, manufacturing, research laboratories, universities and more. For more information, visit