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May 31, 2017

Applied Energy Systems Introduces Updated Heater Blanket for Use with SEMI-GAS® and VERSA-GAS™ Source Systems Delivering Liquefied Gases

Product Includes Added Features to Safely Achieve High, Sustainable Flow Rates

MALVERN, PA, MAY 31, 2017 — Applied Energy Systems (AES), provider of high and ultra high purity gas systems, services, and solutions – including design, manufacturing, testing, installation, and expert field service – has introduced an updated design for its heater blanket for use with SEMI-GAS® and VERSA-GAS™ source systems supporting liquefied gas delivery. New features have been added to the standard blanket design to improve the product’s safety and performance in vaporizing liquefied gases to achieve high, sustainable flow rates. Attaining such flow rates is critical for various industries, particularly those involving high-volume semiconductor production applications, industrial manufacturing, and R&D.

The updated UL labeled heater blanket is compatible with source products from both of AES’ gas delivery equipment brands, including VERSA-GAS™ vSource™ and vBulk™ gas cabinets, gas panels, and rack mount systems, and SEMI-GAS®’ lines of Centurion™ gas cabinets, Decaturion™ wall mount systems, Megaturion™ bulk gas systems, and Xturion™ custom solutions.

The new sleek and modern design for a standard (9” diameter x 51” high) cylinder includes:

  • A silver, silicone coated fiberglass exterior and ¼” thick needled fiberglass insulation for a thicker, more robust and rigid construction and increased durability.
  • Wattage density of 1.16 watts per square inch up to 760 watts using 240 VAC.
  • A 24” heated zone at the base of the cylinder to maximize efficiency and optimize gas usage.
  • A cinch drawstring and insulation zone at the top of the heater blanket to minimize heat loss.
  • 8 straps and 8 quick disconnect buckles, with double straps at the heated zone, to ensure constant, secure contact with the gas cylinder.
  • Six manual, resettable thermostats to monitor heat distribution. If the maximum temperature is reached, the electric current will be interrupted to allow the blanket to cool down.
  • (2) K-type thermocouples for temperature monitoring and control.

“The updated heater blanket provides our customers with new value-added features to optimize high-volume flow rate performance for low vapor pressure gases, while ensuring safety,” said Jim Murphy, General Manager of Applied Energy Systems. “Our team of engineers added practical upgrades to evolve this product in ways that best suit our customers’ real-world environments and that meet the distinct operational requirements of dealing with liquefied gases. We are dedicated to being responsive to our clients’ needs and to continually enhancing our premier products in line with those demands.”


About Applied Energy Systems

Applied Energy Systems (AES) is the premier provider of high and ultra high purity gas systems, services, and solutions. Since 1968, customers have turned to AES for high-value systems engineering – including design, manufacturing, testing, and field services. Whether equipment requirements are driven by regulation, innovation, or both, AES brings together its specialized engineering capabilities and vast scope of product offerings to create the gas delivery solutions that meet business-critical process demands.

With two industry-leading equipment divisions, SEMI-GAS® and VERSA-GAS™, AES addresses high purity and ultra high purity gas delivery needs for a diverse range of rigorous applications, including semiconductors and electronics, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, photovoltaics, manufacturing, research laboratories, universities and more. For more information, visit

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Megan Kasper
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