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March 30, 2016

Applied Energy Systems Showcases Upgraded Heating Packages Available for Its Premium Line of SEMI-GAS® Centurion™ Gas Cabinets

MALVERN, PA, March 30, 2016 — Applied Energy Systems (AES), provider of high and ultra high purity gas systems, services, and solutions – including design, manufacturing, testing, field and precision welding services – is showcasing the heating upgrades available within its premier SEMI-GAS® line of Centurion™ Gas Cabinets. These production-ready gas cabinets come standard equipped with advanced components designed for the safe delivery of ultra high purity gases, and conform to SEMI S2 for use in advanced process environments. With additional heating upgrades, Centurion™ Gas Cabinets can be further tailored to optimally support specific application requirements, from sustaining process flow rates to preventing undesirable gas liquefaction, maintaining process cylinder temperatures, supporting delivery of liquefied gases, and reducing production downtime.

AES’ heating packages for the SEMI-GAS® Centurion™ line can include one, all, or some combination of the following components, based on the system’s design, the gases being handled, and the process specifications:

  • Adjustable gas cylinder heating blankets, which provide up to 1,000 Watts of heat and include an overtemperature thermostat. These blankets offer quick-release buckle closures and a cinch drawstring for easy installation.
  • Insulated and reinforced silicone rubber gas manifold heat tracing.
  • Energy-efficient, FM-approved process gas line heat tracing which offers self-regulating capabilities to automatically adjust with changes to surface temperature.
  • Multi-stage process gas preheaters for high-flow applications, with seamless 316 SS flow tubing and a cast aluminum heat exchanger body. These compact, low mass, inline electric circulation heaters provide indirect heating for a clean heating environment.
  • Multiple zone single loop heater controller which continually monitors and independently adjusts the temperature of the system’s different heat zones – including cylinder heating, manifold heating, process line heating, and process pre-heating– with integrated FM 3545-approved limit controllers. Operationally, this heater controller seamlessly communicates with the system’s SEMI-GAS® GigaGuard™ PLC controller and will signal an automatic shutdown during over-temperature conditions. It is available in standard 120V and 240V versions, up to 30 total amps, or in a custom configuration to support application-specific requirements.

The ability to add these upgraded heating options to SEMI-GAS’® Centurion™ Gas Cabinets is part of what differentiates AES’ offerings, says Jim Murphy, General Manager of Applied Energy Systems. “We strive to provide our customers with the gas delivery solutions that will help them optimize their processes and output – whatever they may be. We understand that every application of our gas cabinets is different, especially as our customers’ ultra high purity gas requirements become more complex. By offering the ability to add-on additional features, like the components within our heating package upgrades, we can better satisfy a broader range of customer needs.”

About Applied Energy Systems

Applied Energy Systems (AES) is the premier provider of high and ultra high purity gas systems, services, and solutions. Since 1968, customers have turned to AES for high-value systems engineering – including design, manufacturing, testing, and field services. Whether equipment requirements are driven by regulation, innovation, or both, AES brings together its specialized engineering capabilities and vast scope of product offerings to create the gas delivery solutions that meet business-critical process demands.

With two industry-leading equipment divisions, SEMI-GAS® and VERSA-GAS™, AES addresses high purity and ultra high purity gas delivery needs for a diverse range of rigorous applications, including semiconductors and electronics, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, photovoltaics, manufacturing, research laboratories, universities and more. For more information, visit

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