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May 30, 2022

How to Mitigate the Challenges of Bulk Gas Purification and Enhance Innovation with the Right Solution

There are several drivers for innovation in gas purification today, as the speed of technology accelerates. The semiconductor industry is just one area where gas purification is critical, as high purity gas helps create these essential materials in a world that’s demanding more of them than ever before.

In a recent report, Deloitte expects the global semiconductor industry to grow by 10% in 2022 to more than $600 billion USD for the first time. Chips will be increasingly important across all industries, driven by growing semiconductor usage in cars, appliances, factories, computers, phones, accessories, and much more.

Ultra pure gas is required in advanced semiconductor manufacturing—yet “ultra high purity” grade gas is often not pure enough for use in this sector without the right gas purification system in place that delivers consistent purity. With technology constantly advancing, the list of desired contaminants removal is expanding, and, at the same time, desired outlet purity is getting more stringent.

Gas purifiers are essential for upholding specific requirements for gas purity—and their effectiveness can make or break the integrity of mission-critical processes. It’s important to ensure your ideal gas purification solution meets all of your application requirements for gas type, flow rate and pressure. For complex gas purification with large flow rates, bulk gas purification is ideal. But bulk gas purification comes with its own set of challenges.

Key Challenges Associated with Bulk Gas Purification

Bulk applications require large flow rates and long lifespans, but ensuring impurities are removed and safety standards are maintained can be challenging when working with reactive or flammable gases with varying requirements. Bulk gas purification’s biggest challenges include:

  • Maintaining Purity – Maintaining purity can be difficult to ensure without the right system in place. There are a number of challenges with regards to purity, including the certification of impurities, identification of impurities, and material compatibility and degradation issues.
  • Ensuring Accurate Monitoring – Monitoring the operation of bulk gas purification systems can be challenging. There’s a need for readings to take place in real time, which is essential in order to safeguard processes. If data can’t be accessed on demand, teams will be working from outdated information, leading to inaccuracies.
  • Meeting Safety Standards – Large flow rates of reactive or flammable gases can be dangerous, so the purifier must be working properly and have safeguards and indicators that alert teams to issues.

Proven Solutions for Complex Purification Challenges

The solution to complex bulk gas purification challenges is implementing the right system that ensures proper gas purification. ARM Purification’s bulk purifiers are designed to meet the specific requirements of a multitude of gas delivery systems. Our solutions meet the challenges of bulk gas purification and power innovation with:

  • Ultra High Purity Gas Delivery – ARM Purification’s bulk purifiers maintain the highest levels of purity and deliver gases in their purest form through the use of fabricated control manifolds, piped assemblies/manifolds, and purification technologies.
  • Customizable Features – Our small bulk purifiers (up to 60Nm3/hr) have a range of modularity options and offer customizable configurations that accommodate a wide range of high purity needs via specifications on enclosures, instrumentation, controls, and hardware. Our larger bulk purifiers are built with the same features mechanically, and we offer standard skid mounted designs for ease of movement and installation.
  • Large Flow Rates – Our purifiers are equipped to safely handle large flow rates, allowing bulk purifiers to provide large-scale solutions for mission-critical processes that require ultra high purity gases.

Challenges are Overcome with the Right System in Place

For more than 20 years, ARM Purification’s purifiers have been trusted by customers around the world to uphold the most stringent gas purity standards and meet and overcome complex gas purification challenges.

Our experts help customers with application-specific challenges that they regularly face, and we deliver value that’s unrivaled. From analytical services to refurbishment, regeneration, and disposal, our end-to-end solutions are combined with best-in-class service—making ARM Purification the ideal option for companies looking to uphold rigorous and mission-critical demands for pure process gas.

Learn more about the importance of proper bulk gas purification by downloading our solution brief.

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