Customer-Engineered Solutions

For Custom Applications

At Applied Energy Systems, we understand that you need equipment for highly specialized demands. That’s why our Applied Solutions offer innovative, custom process material delivery systems optimized for your application-specific needs.

After an Engineering Consultation where we assess the full scope of your application challenges, our team uses advanced engineering to develop a proposed solution to meet your performance demands that builds off our proven lines of equipment—all while complying with any necessary regulatory requirements.


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    What Sets Applied Solutions Apart:

    Proven through Practice
    We adapt our core solutions with the necessary features and functionality to meet your needs, ensuring reliability by tailoring already proven lines of equipment and decreasing the cost of a fully custom solution.

    Industry-backed Expertise
    We leverage an extensive history serving customers across industries and a comprehensive understanding of unique challenges of diverse applications to deliver the right solution for your needs.

    Application-first Approach
    We take a one-size-fits-one approach to custom engineering a solution, first understanding the specialized requirements of your application to enable optimal results.

    applied solutions

    The Applied Solutions Roadmap

    Applying Engineering Innovation to Create Custom Gas Delivery Solutions

    Gas complexity and specialty process requirements often demand custom solutions. Discover how the Applied Solutions customization process was leveraged to fulfill real-life customer requirements.

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    art of system component selection

    The Art of System Component Selection, Down to a Science

    Taking a Customer-Driven Approach to Gas Delivery Excellence

    Check out our blog to uncover how we augment the offerings of our standard SEMI-GAS® and VERSA-GAS™ systems with our custom-engineered Applied Solutions to ensure our gas delivery equipment works optimally in our customer’s environments.

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