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Industry 4.0 is unleashing new possibilities to transform the efficiency, productivity, and ultimate output of high-tech R&D and production processes.

Connected smart machines give operators real-time control and the analytics needed to rapidly optimize their performance, improving accuracy, safety, and yield every step of the way, from semiconductor fabrication to laboratory experimentation to solar and aerospace and defense applications. Do your gas delivery systems set you up for Industry 4.0 success?

AES’ best-in-class high and ultra high purity gas delivery solutions come equipped with advanced control technology that enables real-time data communications and system automation – so you know how your processes are performing and can achieve new efficiencies that power faster innovation.

From these Industry 4.0-ready gas delivery systems to gas purification, precision welding, and field services, AES delivers the comprehensive gas equipment solutions and expert support needed to efficiently advance your next big breakthroughs.

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The Power of Our Gas Delivery Partnership

Explore our five divisions to discover our versatile solutions for diverse gas handling requirements:


Ultra high purity gas delivery systems for rigorous purity and precision needs.

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High purity gas delivery systems for versatile and reliable gas delivery.

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Advanced point-of-use, micro-bulk, and bulk gas purifier solutions.

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Precision welding, marking & QA services for diverse applications.

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Comprehensive, expert-led field services and support.

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The Gas Delivery Partner to Power Your Next Big Breakthroughs

Tell us about your application and we’ll recommend the best-fit equipment solutions and services for your needs.