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December 6, 2013

SEMI-GAS® Debuts Mobile Analytical Cart for Critical Gas Line Monitoring

Flexible design allows for customized instrumentation and data collection

Malvern, Pa. December 2013 – SEMI-GAS® Systems, an industry-leading provider of ultra-high purity gas delivery equipment, introduces Mobilytix™, a new mobile analytical cart for analyzing impurities within a process gas line. Created to monitor and protect various critical downstream gas processes and tools, the new Xturion™ system features a flexible design that allows for customized instrumentation and data collection.
The standard Mobilytix is designed to monitor moisture, oxygen and particle levels as well as trace impurities of nitrogen, argon and oxygen. As with all SEMI-GAS custom Xturion™ systems, each unit can be engineered to meet application-specific requirements including numerous mechanical, electrical and enclosure design upgrades. Various analyzer configurations are also available to precisely tailor the system’s operational needs for each application.

This new mobile cart features a color touch screen, with intuitive navigation, views and sample trends to control day-to-year sampling and data presentation. Overall system operation is easily performed through each individual analyzer’s control panel. An integrated automatic data logging controller collects and compiles analytical data from each analyzer.

The standard enclosure is constructed of 12 gage black steel and is 44 inches tall, 24 inches wide and 40 inches deep with lockable, steel mesh doors. Size adjustments can be made based on physical constraints and mechanical upgrades. Each unit features lockable heavy duty steel casters for both stationary and mobile analytical monitoring.

Reader Service Inquiries: Megan Kasper; Applied Energy Systems; 180 Quaker Lane, Malvern, Pa. 19355;; 610-647-8744.

Applied Energy Systems, Inc. designs, manufactures and installs high purity gas delivery systems. The company also provides precision welding services, high purity piping installations and field services for the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, aerospace, university, government and research and development markets. Applied Energy Systems’ industry-leading SEMI-GAS® Systems division specializes in the manufacture of ultra-high purity gas source and distribution systems, including Centurion™ gas cabinets and gas panels, Nanoturion™ valve manifold boxes, Megaturion™ bulk specialty gas systems, and Xturion™ custom gas equipment.