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September 19, 2014

SEMI-GAS® Debuts New GigaGuard™ Pressure Status Indicator

Low-cost controller monitors gas supply pressure

Malvern, Pa. September 2014 – SEMI-GAS® Systems, an industry-leading provider of ultra-high purity gas delivery equipment, debuts its new GigaGuard™ Pressure Status Indicator (PSI) for monitoring gas supply pressure from 1 or 2 pressure switches with single or dual outputs. The compact controller is SEMI-GAS’ latest addition to the GigaGuard gas control product line and the manufacturer’s economical solution for indicating pressure changes in manual, non-hazardous gas applications where minimal facility monitoring is desired.

The new GigaGuard PSI features green, yellow and red indicator lights and an audible alarm to signify pressure conditions beyond the user specified set points. Should the pressure exceed the system parameters, an integrated LED button on the front panel allows the operator to manually silence the horn.

The GigaGuard PSI configuration can be accessed and adjusted with any web compatible browser. Configurable parameters include network communication settings, front panel LED behavior, and relay output configuration. While the controller comes standard with MODBUS TCP communications, remote monitoring is also available through the controller’s bottom-mounted Ethernet RJ45 port.

The GigaGuard PSI NEMA-rated ABS plastic enclosure is 4.25” high by 8.0” wide and 2.5” deep and comes with built-in brackets for easy wall or rack mounting. A 6’ AC power cord with 5-15p plug is provided; however, an external DC power source can also be used.

Dave Stetz, SEMI-GAS’ controls engineering manager, said, “The GigaGuard PSI is a new tool we are offering for our customers to make managing inert gas delivery simple and cost-effective. The new controller utilizes a streamlined design to provide necessary function while promoting safety, dependability, ease-of-use, and a minimal requirement for maintenance at a very favorable price point.”

Reader Service Inquiries: Megan Kasper; Applied Energy Systems; 180 Quaker Lane, Malvern, Pa. 19355;; 610-647-8744.

Applied Energy Systems, Inc. designs, manufactures and installs high purity gas delivery systems. The company also provides precision welding services, high purity piping installations and field services for the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, aerospace, university, government and research and development markets. Applied Energy Systems’ industry-leading SEMI-GAS® Systems division specializes in the manufacture of ultra-high purity gas source and distribution systems, including Centurion™ gas cabinets and gas panels, Nanoturion™ valve manifold boxes, Megaturion™ bulk specialty gas systems, and Xturion™ custom gas equipment.