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September 30, 2015

SEMI-GAS® Highlights High Flow 8-Line Fully Automatic Valve Manifold Box (VMB) as an Option Offered within Its Nanoturion™ Line

Premier VMB Design Features High Flow Gas Sticks to Accommodate Up to 600 slpm Flowrates

MALVERN, PA, September 30, 2015 – SEMI-GAS®, the industry-leading line of ultra high purity gas source and distribution systems with robust control technology, is featuring its High Flow 8-Line Fully Automatic Valve Manifold Box (VMB) as just one of several high flow systems offered within its prestigious line of Nanoturion™ Valve Manifold Boxes, for safely distributing hazardous process gases. As a large volume alternative to the smaller, standard VMB models, the High Flow 8-Line VMB features 8 fully populated 1/2” gas sticks on the manifold to support flowrate capacities up to 600 slpm.

This high flow VMB is equipped with a UL-labeled, GigaGuard™ GSM controller featuring a 4.3” color touchscreen and stick status indicator lights for intuitive operation. Like all SEMI-GAS® products, the VMB is also built in accordance with SEMI-S2 standards and is helium leak tested to 1.0 x 10-9 Atm-cc/sec, making it a production-ready solution for rigorous semiconductor and high-tech manufacturing environments.

Other features of the High Flow 8-Line Fully Automated VMB include:

  • A safety enclosure measuring 40”W x 14”D x 40”H, which includes a differential pressure switch exhaust monitor and sprinkler system.
  • A fully automated distribution manifold with 3/4″ process gas inlet header (with 250 psig maximum inlet pressure) and ½” high flow gas sticks (with 150 psig maximum outlet pressure).
  • A rail mounted gas stick design for ease of maintenance and flexibility for expansion.
  • Fully automatic system operation including automatic system purging and individual line monitoring and shutdown.
  • Local and remote emergency system shutdown, with upgradeable communications capabilities for seamless integration with facility monitoring systems.
  • Reinforced rear mounting holes for easy wall or rack installations.

“SEMI-GAS®’ line of Nanoturion™ VMBs are known for performance and quality excellence, making the equipment ideal for even the most challenging high-tech applications,” said Jim Murphy, General Manager of Applied Energy Systems. “Whether large or small, all of our equipment is built with the same level of engineering quality and craftsmanship, and the High Flow 8-Line Fully Automated VMB is a prime example of how we’ve effectively scaled Nanoturion™ quality to optimally support larger volume applications.”

SEMI-GAS® supplies ultra high purity gas source systems, distribution systems and control technology to leaders in the Semiconductor industry, as well as customers in related industries that seek world-class designs for safety, quality and performance. SEMI-GAS® gas handling systems and equipment are engineered to support manufacturing of the most advanced electronic devices, delivering the highest process purity to improve product performance and reduce overall costs. As the first supplier of micro-processor based automated gas source systems, SEMI-GAS® brings 35 years of gas distribution systems innovation to its customers—and boasts one of the largest installed bases of gas handling equipment today. For more information on SEMI-GAS®, visit

SEMI-GAS® is a division of Applied Energy Systems, Inc., which designs, manufactures, and installs ultra high purity gas delivery systems in addition to providing precision welding services and field services for high purity piping installations, testing and technical consulting.

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Megan Kasper
Applied Energy Systems