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March 25, 2015

SEMI-GAS® Systems Celebrates a Milestone Anniversary in Its 35th Year

Since Its Founding in 1980, SEMI-GAS® Has Become the Industry Leader for Ultra High Purity Gas Delivery Systems; Parent Company Applied Energy Systems Continues this Track Record Today

MALVERN, PA, March 25, 2015 – SEMI-GAS® Systems, the industry-leading supplier of ultra high purity gas source and distribution systems with robust control technology, is celebrating a milestone birthday in 2015, with this year marking the 35th anniversary of the brand’s inception. Originally founded in 1980 by inventor and entrepreneur Andrew K. (Andy) Lorenz as Semi-Gas Systems, Inc., the company quickly became a leading U.S. manufacturer of high-tech piping systems, purge panels and safety-containment cabinets. Thirty-five years later, the SEMI-GAS® brand now represents the premier gas delivery system division of Applied Energy Systems, which acquired the product line in 2009 and continues to uphold its outstanding track record of quality and safety in ultra high purity gas delivery solutions today.

Since its inception, SEMI-GAS® has been deeply rooted in the semiconductor industry. Not only was SEMI-GAS® the first company to supply microprocessor based automated gas delivery systems to the market, but it also, in partnership with Hercules, Inc., developed and patented chemical-based gas purification systems for various semiconductor applications. By the time the company was sold to become a division of Matheson Gas Products in 1990, it was considered the world’s leading manufacturer of gas containment systems used in the manufacturing of semiconductors. In line with the innovation occurring in the market, Matheson expanded the SEMI-GAS® focus to include high flow and bulk gas delivery systems that could support new, larger photovoltaic (PV) and semiconductor projects. In January of 2009, Applied Energy Systems acquired SEMI-GAS® from Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc., creating a new gas equipment division to support the rigorous gas delivery requirements of its top tier semiconductor customers.

Today, applying its specialized expertise from the industry in which it was born, the SEMI-GAS® line serves semiconductor companies as well as an expanded market seeking premium, production-ready, ultra high purity gas delivery solutions, including electronics, photovoltaics, aerospace, and more. “Since its founding in 1980, the SEMI-GAS® brand has been providing world-class gas delivery solutions proven to uphold the highest levels of safety, quality and performance – which have helped power the innovations of countless organizations,” said Jim Murphy, General Manager of Applied Energy Systems. “We’re proud to continue to expand upon SEMI-GAS®’ three and a half decade long track record of success, and thank all our customers that have helped support this brand’s growth for so many years.”

About SEMI-GAS® Systems
SEMI-GAS® Systems supplies ultra high purity gas source systems, distribution systems and control technology to leaders in the Semiconductor industry, as well as customers in related industries that seek world-class designs for safety, quality and performance. SEMI-GAS® gas handling systems and equipment are engineered to support manufacturing of the most advanced electronic devices, delivering the highest process purity to improve product performance and reduce overall costs. As the first supplier of micro-processor based automated gas source systems, SEMI-GAS® brings 35 years of gas distribution systems innovation to its customers—and boasts one of the largest installed bases of gas handling equipment today. For more information on SEMI-GAS® Systems, visit

SEMI-GAS® is a division of Applied Energy Systems, Inc., which designs, manufactures, and installs ultra high purity gas delivery systems in addition to providing precision welding services and field services for high purity piping installations, testing and technical consulting.

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