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November 25, 2014

SEMI-GAS® Systems Supports Quality Control Applications with Customized Centurion™ Fully Automatic Gas Cabinet

Custom-Adapted System Delivers Process Gases for Gas Production Analysis

MALVERN, PA, November 25, 2014 – SEMI-GAS® Systems, the industry-leading supplier of ultra-high purity gas source and distribution systems with robust control technology, has added custom gas handling capabilities to its well-known Centurion™ Fully Automatic Gas Cabinet line, to support quality control requirements for gas companies and manufacturers that perform sample analyses of gas production runs.

New customized system sequences allow for the delivery of multiple process gases to on-site gas analyzers for data collection. Following analysis the sequences monitor the ventilation of the process gases to the facility’s exhaust system. This customization leverages the performance and safety features inherent in SEMI-GAS’ standard Centurion product line, building upon the cabinet’s automatic purging and cylinder switchover capabilities, intuitive operating interfaces, and other distinct features with the additional monitoring and control capabilities needed for sample gas testing.

“By customizing our existing Fully Automatic Gas Cabinets—which have been market-proven for decades as extremely safe, high quality solutions for supplying hazardous process gases— we are also able to support the quality assurance processes of our gas production customers,” said Jim Murphy, General Manager of Applied Energy Systems. “We recognize that process requirements vary, and this system is another example of our unique ability to accommodate those needs with tailored solutions equal in safety, quality and performance to our standard product lines.”

Key features of the custom-adapted Centurion system include:

  • A GigaGuard ™ PLC controller that automates purging and cylinder switchover, with a color touch screen that also displays real-time status information.
  • PROFIBUS communications for system-to-system connection and facility-wide equipment monitoring, control, and data collection.
  • Modified Mechanical Design including an analytical manifold to enable process gas flow through analytical instruments and return for safe venting.
  • Customized Software to provide application specific, fully automatic control, monitoring and communications capabilities.

The system utilizes SEMI-GAS Systems’ Centurion 5-valve air operated auto-switchover manifold and transducer-based pressure monitoring to automate purge routines for cylinder changes and manifold maintenance, allowing for safe control of hazardous gases. “Now SEMI-GAS can provide custom solutions to our specialty gas production partners to enable effective sample gas analysis to meet the most stringent quality control demands,” said Murphy.

About SEMI-GAS Systems
SEMI-GAS Systems supplies ultra-high purity gas source systems, distribution systems and control technology to leaders in the Semiconductor industry, as well as customers in related industries that seek world-class designs for safety, quality and performance. SEMI-GAS gas handling systems and equipment are engineered to support manufacturing of the most advanced electronic devices, delivering the highest process purity to improve product performance and reduce overall costs. As the first supplier of micro-processor based automated gas source systems, SEMI-GAS brings over 30 years of gas distribution systems innovation to its customers—and boasts one of the largest installed bases of gas handling equipment today. For more information on SEMI-GAS Systems, visit

SEMI-GAS is a division of Applied Energy Systems, Inc., which designs, manufactures, and installs ultra-high purity gas delivery systems in addition to providing precision welding services and field services for high purity piping installations, testing and technical consulting.

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