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February 5, 2013

SEMI-GAS® Systems Updates GSM Controller on Bulk Valve Manifold Box

Provides easier operation and additional safety

Malvern, Pa. February 2013 – SEMI-GAS® Systems, an industry-leading supplier of ultra-high purity gas source and distribution systems, recently updated the GigaGuard™ GSM (gas safety monitor) controller on its Megaturion™ Bulk Valve Manifold Box (VMB). The new controller is easier to use and provides additional safety features to the system.

The upgraded GigaGuard GSM controller, which supersedes the GSM 1×4, is PLC based and features a modern 4.3” color touch screen. A user-friendly software design features intuitive prompts and alarms, which help to reduce operator error and increase safety. With the upgraded controller, operators now have the ability to configure both inputs and outputs as well as adjust set points and limits, making the system more adaptable than the previous GSM 1×4 controller.

In addition, the GigaGuard GSM independently operates ESO valves, monitors both analog and digital process sensors, displays delivery pressures and continuously monitors the system environment for hazards while maintaining an active alarm log. To further improve operational safety, the controller incorporates local and remote system shutdown capabilities in the event of a system trip.

Available in 4, 6 and 8 stick configurations as well as in customized designs, the semi-automatic Megaturion VMB safely and continuously distributes hazardous process gases from the source to various tools and points of use, as needed, in high flow semiconductor and LED manufacturing applications.

All Megaturion VMBs meet SEMI S2, SEMI S8 and uniform fire code requirements. Multiple communications protocols, integrated gas and fire detection and Class 1, Division 2 upgrades are available.

The GSM enclosure is constructed of welded 16 Ga steel. The flip-down door provides easy access to the system components, including the Siemens S7-1200 series PLC. Additional standard features include a SEMI-approved EMO (emergency off) button, pneumatic valve manifold and multi-color LED panel status lights.

Reader Service Inquiries: Megan Kasper; Applied Energy Systems; 180 Quaker Lane, Malvern, Pa. 19355;; 610-647-8744.

Applied Energy Systems, Inc. designs, manufactures, and installs high purity gas delivery systems, as well as provides precision welding services, high purity piping installations and field services for the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, aerospace, university, government and research and development markets. Applied Energy Systems’ industry-leading SEMI-GAS® Systems division specializes in the manufacture of ultra-high purity gas source and distribution systems, including Centurion™ gas cabinets and gas panels, Nanoturion™ valve manifold boxes, Megaturion™ bulk specialty gas systems, and Xturion™ custom gas equipment.