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August 27, 2015

SEMI-GAS® Unveils New Custom-Engineered Ultra High Purity Liquid Push System for Delivery and Handling of Specialty Fluids

Fully Automatic System Delivers UHP Liquids via Push Gas, Which Doubles for Process Purging

MALVERN, PA, August 27, 2015 – SEMI-GAS®, the industry-leading line of ultra high purity gas source and distribution systems with robust control technology, has introduced the latest offering developed through its Applied Solutions custom-engineering process: the Xturion™ Liquid Push Delivery System (LPX) for the precise delivery and handling of ultra high purity liquids. The fully automatic system, operated by a GigaGuard™ PLC controller, features an intuitive 9” color touchscreen and user-definable alarms and set points.The system’s liquid-tight, ducted enclosure includes a high flow manifold design with ½” inch stainless steel components.

LPX delivers ultra high purity liquids using an inert push gas, which doubles to support the system’s automatic purge processes. Built in accordance with SEMI-S2 standards and helium leak tested to 1.0 x 10-8 Atm-cc/sec, the Liquid Push System is also equipped with a number of safety features including vent line liquid leak sensors, an EMO button, and remote monitoring and shutdown functionality.

Other features of the system include:

  • An enclosure that accommodates up to 200 L (24″ x 48″) drums/tanks, and that includes a liquid level detector and an 8″ exhaust connection.
  • A Thermal Instruments mass flow meter for high-precision measurement of the liquid flow rate.
  • Flexibility in system configuration and flow capacity, for optional wall mount and/or rack mount applications, as well as standard and higher volume applications.

“The Xturion™ Liquid Push Delivery System is another example of our engineering innovation applied to solve a customer’s unique challenge, in this case related to high flow liquid delivery,” said Jim Murphy, General Manager of Applied Energy Systems. “While this system was initially developed to suit a specific need presented by a specific customer, we see the applicability of such a product in many other industry processes and production environments that use ultra high purity liquids. With that in mind, we designed the system with inherent flexibility, so that it can be easily tailored to address the particular needs of any customer seeking the safety, quality, and performance of the SEMI-GAS® brand for ultra high purity liquid delivery.”

SEMI-GAS® supplies ultra high purity gas source systems, distribution systems and control technology to leaders in the Semiconductor industry, as well as customers in related industries that seek world-class designs for safety, quality and performance. SEMI-GAS® gas handling systems and equipment are engineered to support manufacturing of the most advanced electronic devices, delivering the highest process purity to improve product performance and reduce overall costs. As the first supplier of micro-processor based automated gas source systems, SEMI-GAS® brings 35 years of gas distribution systems innovation to its customers—and boasts one of the largest installed bases of gas handling equipment today. For more information on SEMI-GAS®, visit

SEMI-GAS® is a division of Applied Energy Systems, Inc., which designs, manufactures, and installs ultra high purity gas delivery systems in addition to providing precision welding services and field services for high purity piping installations, testing and technical consulting.

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Megan Kasper
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