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March 25, 2012

University of Nebraska Selects SEMI-GAS® Equipment for New Nanoscience Metrology Facility

Centurion™ gas cabinets and ancillary equipment supply gas to labs and clean rooms

Malvern, Pa. March 2012 – SEMI-GAS® Systems, a division of Applied Energy Systems, Inc, and a manufacturer of industry-leading ultra-high purity gas source and distribution systems, announced that the University of Nebraska has selected the company’s high purity gas equipment for use in the university’s new Nanoscience Metrology Facility. SEMI-GAS’ high purity products and Applied Energy Systems’ field services will be used throughout the new labs and clean rooms at the facility.

The current contract includes the installation of numerous fully automatic Centurion gas cabinets, automatic switchover gas panels, wall mount systems and manual manifolds, as well as an exhaust scrubber and hazardous gas detection system for the facility.

Applied Energy Systems will support all of the SEMI-GAS equipment with an extensive installation and gas piping project, which includes installing high purity single wall and coaxial gas lines from the source systems to their designated points-of-use, including a reactive ion etch and krypton fluoride laser.

As the job approaches completion, Applied Energy Systems’ certified technicians will perform quality and safety checks, including analytical testing and line labeling. The final phase, in conjunction with the university, will require system validation, equipment commissioning and personnel training.

Funded in part by a grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the university’s new 32,000 square foot center will provide a modern facility for nanofabrication, electron microscopy, scanning probe microscopy and other synthesis and characterization units. These labs require reliable delivery of ultra-high purity gases to complete and research various semiconductor processes such as wafer etching, photolithography and thin film deposition.

Applied Energy Systems president, Steve Buerkel, said, “Our high purity equipment delivers the quality gases needed to aid in the advancement of science and technology; we’re always excited to be a part of projects for research and lab facilities”.

Reader Service Inquiries: Megan Kasper; Applied Energy Systems; 180 Quaker Lane, Malvern, Pa. 19355;; 610-647-8744.

Applied Energy Systems, Inc. produces ultra-high purity gas handling and distribution equipment. In addition to its industry-leading SEMI-GAS® Systems division, Applied Energy Systems manufactures gas cabinets, gas manifolds, valve manifold boxes and custom gas equipment as well as provides precision welding services, high purity piping installations and field services for the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, aerospace, university, government and research and development markets.