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Ultra-High Purity Gas Delivery Systems, Field Services and Precision Welding Technologies

For Reliable Ultra High Purity Gas Delivery Systems You Can
Look To One Responsible Source.

We are the company to offer comprehensive ultra high purity gas delivery systems and precision welding from design, manufacture,
and testing to installation and worldwide field services.

Design Of High Purity Gas Delivery Systems:

  • You get a turn-key system fully documented and engineered on our CAD system by expert engineers.

Manufacture Of Gas Delivery Systems:

  • You benefit when all gas specialty equipment and gas handling systems are fabricated in our Class 100 clean rooms.

Testing Of Gas Delivery Systems:

  • You can take advantage of complete analytical testing capabilities, including:
    purity, oxygen, moisture, hydrocarbon, and helium leak testing.

Installation of Gas Delivery Systems:

  • You get the same quality for your gas specialty equipment and gas handling systems that earned us space station certification.

WorldWide Field Services:

  • The trained people who install UHP gas handling systems and gas specialty equipment are ready to provide service wherever you are.

Laser Welding Services:

  • Our core competency is laser welding and precision welding. Call on skilled technicians for small precise welds and stainless steel material. The extra care that goes into precision welding carries over into the attention we give to our turn-key systems from start to finish.

Industries Served:

  • Applied Energy Systems serves the demanding aerospace industry. Our customers for gas handling systems in universities, research and development, and the government and military as well as in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and semiconductor industries get the same critical attention to safety and purity.
  • You can get more information about our products such as gas cabinets.

Talk to us about the substantial savings our specialization in ultra high purity gas delivery systems and sound management provide. Call Sales at 610-647-8744 or contact us by email.