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December 22, 2017

Applied Energy Systems Closes 2017 with Strong Momentum for Coming Year

The Gas Delivery Systems Provider Experienced Growth Fueled Largely By the Semiconductor Market, Custom Equipment Demands, and Continual Product Innovation Across Its SEMI-GAS® and VERSA-GAS™ Lines

MALVERN, PA, DECEMBER 22, 2017 — Applied Energy Systems (AES), provider of high and ultra high purity gas systems, services, and solutions – has announced a strong close to 2017, ending the year with increased sales and an expanded staff. Much of this growth has been fueled by the robust semiconductor market, increased demand for custom-engineered gas delivery equipment, and AES’ focus on continual product innovation within its SEMI-GAS® and VERSA-GAS™ lines. The company developed many complex and creative Applied Solutions to meet customer-specific demands, from custom distribution equipment to support fusion energy experimentation to an Ultra High Purity (UHP) Silicon Tetrachloride (SiCl4) Delivery System used in fiber optics cable manufacturing. In tandem, AES remained focused on continually improving its existing equipment designs, and in particular made significant advancements to its control technologies. During 2017, the company introduced its new GigaGuard™ GSM-V™ color touchscreen controller to replace its legacy GSM-5™ Gas Safety Monitor, and built multiple application-specific PLC control solutions by customizing its standard but highly flexible GigaGuard™ Compact Data Monitor (CDM).

AES also continues to diversify its customer base, maintaining its status as the choice partner of Tier 1 semiconductor companies while also expanding its footprint in the clean energy, solar, and electric car markets. Gas delivery system support for research and development facilities, including first-class government laboratories and those within Ivy League universities, represented another strong area of growth for the company in 2017, and included a marquee project to develop a third comprehensive Gas Handling System (GHS) for Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL). In addition, AES’ Applied Services division spent tens of thousands of hours supporting equipment implementations at esteemed R&D facilities, universities, and other forward-thinking corporations around the U.S., proving the value found in AES’ site services as an extension of its systems engineering.

“We are thrilled to end the year with more team members and more customers then we started with, and it has been very exciting to see our client base continue to diversify,” said Jim Murphy, General Manager of Applied Energy Systems. “We’re not only serving some of the largest semiconductor companies in the world, but also some of the most prestigious high-tech institutions in the realm of R&D. Their innovation will continue to shape how we innovate our own products, and we already have plans to evolve several of our equipment designs, as well as introduce a new product line, to ensure our systems can keep pace with their unique process demands in the coming year and well beyond.”


About Applied Energy Systems

Applied Energy Systems (AES) is the premier provider of high and ultra high purity gas systems, services, and solutions. Since 1968, customers have turned to AES for high-value systems engineering – including design, manufacturing, testing, and field services. Whether equipment requirements are driven by regulation, innovation, or both, AES brings together its specialized engineering capabilities and vast scope of product offerings to create the gas delivery solutions that meet business-critical process demands.

With two industry-leading equipment divisions, SEMI-GAS® and VERSA-GAS™, AES addresses high purity and ultra high purity gas delivery needs for a diverse range of rigorous applications, including semiconductors and electronics, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, photovoltaics, manufacturing, research laboratories, universities and more. For more information, visit