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June 28, 2016

Equipment First: The Strategic Role of Gas Delivery Systems Across Sectors

Gas delivery equipment plays an important functional role in organizations across sectors—empowering the purity, precision and control of molecules in essential business processes. But for organizations in precision-driven sectors, gas delivery equipment is more than functional. It is highly strategic and inseparable from productivity, profitability and reputation.

Consider the rigorous and fast-paced sectors of semiconductor, industrial manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. In these sectors, gas delivery equipment is linked to the achievement of strategic objectives. Let’s take a look:


The fast-paced semiconductor sector is marked by stringent requirements, with cleanliness level guidelines exceeding those for medical and pharma manufacturing by a factor of 10,000 or more.1 The reason for these stringent requirements is the delicate nature of manufacturing processes, and the enormous cost of a single instance of contamination. For the average fab, a single, 25-wafer lot represents up to $500,000 in potential sales.1 Meanwhile, some devices require as many as 400 distinct process steps, making the opportunities for contamination greater than ever.1

From a gas delivery perspective, equipment is integral to satisfying the semiconductor industry’s rigorous ultra high purity requirements, integrating seamlessly within the complex production processes, and ultimately, ensuring the optimal production volume, quality and efficiency.

Industrial Manufacturing

In industrial manufacturing, gas delivery requirements are both diverse and complex. In fact, manufacturing processes make use of a broad range of gases including acetylene, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, helium, nitrogen, oxygen and argon—all in specific high and ultra high purities. For the manufacturer, production processes must run continuously and consistently to ensure that high quality products make their way to the market with the greatest possible efficiency.

Of course, the production-ready delivery of diverse manufacturing gases would not be possible without operationally integrated high and ultra high purity gas delivery systems, which ultimately fuel the manufacturer’s competitive advantage.

Pharmaceuticals & Biotech

Finally, in pharmaceuticals and biotech, innovation is the name of the game. Mounting pressure from patent expiries has increased R&D activity, introducing new demand for complex gas mixtures. Meanwhile, generics have placed added pressure on production efficiency. Because even the smallest contamination can destroy drug efficacy and harm human lives, this sector is marked by rigorous regulation that requires traceability and documentation of purity.

Without outstanding gas delivery systems to uphold the purity of business-critical gases, organizations in the pharmaceutical and biotech sector cannot successfully achieve their goals for innovation and production efficiency.

Because the role of the gas delivery system is a strategic one, and strategic objectives vary significantly across sectors, it is critical that precision-driven organizations seek a partner that not only delivers outstanding equipment, but also has the industry knowledge to operationalize that equipment in context.

At AES, we specialize in manufacturing gas delivery equipment and systems that are engineered to your application requirements. With two renowned equipment lines, SEMI-GAS® and VERSA-GAS™, and the strategic knowledge to help you operationalize them in your environment, AES leads the industry in reliably meeting the demands of even the most complex high and ultra high purity applications.

Here are some of the things you’ll want to look for in a high and ultra high purity gas delivery system to ensure that both your strategic and functional needs are met.

  • Material Composition: What is the material composition of the equipment itself? Is it optimized to preserve the purity of the gases it handles?
  • Proof Of Purity: Is the system validated to uphold purity requirements and conform to industry standards?
  • Control Technology: Is the system equipped with advanced control technology that provides you intuitive, safe and precise control?
  • Track Record of Success: What is the system’s reputation in the industry? Do industry leaders trust it to perform?
  • Operationalized by Experts: Who are the experts behind the equipment? Does a knowledgeable partner deliver the equipment?
  • Customization: Can the system be custom-engineered to your unique application requirements if needed?

Interested in learning why precision-driven sectors put Equipment First by partnering with AES for high and ultra high purity gas delivery needs? Download the EQUIPMENT FIRST Infographic here, or contact AES today.




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