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October 25, 2016

Staying Power: For AES in Gas Delivery, Success Comes Through Focus

The global industrial and specialty gas industry is undergoing significant change as major gas distributors seek to consolidate. Just this year, French-based Air Liquide acquired Airgas, one of the leading suppliers of industrial gases and associated products and services in the U.S. There was also the more recent turmoil surrounding the potential merger of German-based Linde and U.S.-based Praxair, which would have created the world’s largest maker of industrial gases until merger talks fell apart in September. These changes are shaking things up for molecule providers worldwide, but because AES is solely focused in the area of gas delivery equipment – not in providing the gases themselves – we are well-positioned to continue our leadership as the ‘Equipment Experts’, and offering our customers unique advantages for their gas delivery equipment needs.

Focused for Success

Since 1986, customers have turned to AES for high-value gas delivery systems engineering – including design, manufacturing, testing, and field services. The deep technical expertise we have developed and diverse industry experience we have gained over that time enable us to be a unique resource for customers seeking safe, reliable, high-quality equipment solutions for a wide array of innovation-driven applications. While other equipment providers split their focus – typically concentrating on molecules with systems as a secondary means to supply those gases – we work exclusively to ensure our systems uphold the integrity of the gases they handle. This leads to several key points of differentiation:

Applied Solutions for Applied Needs
Our extensive equipment engineering expertise gives us the flexibility and responsiveness to meet exacting customer requirements. System customization is a core competency for us, while other gas equipment suppliers can often only offer standard, one-size-fits-all solutions, even for specific gas delivery requirements.

Singularly Specialized Cost Advantage
We provide only gas delivery equipment and related services, whereas other suppliers generate the vast majority of their revenues through gas sales. Our equipment specialization enables us to offer a price advantage supported by a lower cost, lean manufacturing model that we are continuously perfecting as part of our Applied Excellence initiative for continuous operational improvement.

Long-Term Relationships, Unique Insights
Our premier SEMI-GAS® brand of ultra high purity gas delivery systems makes us the only supplier of our kind that has strictly supported semiconductor innovations since inception. The successful track record we’ve established in this industry makes us uniquely qualified to serve the stringent requirements of semiconductor fabs and other similarly demanding, compliance-driven industries.

We are committed to safeguarding our focus on excellence in gas delivery, so that we remain optimally positioned in our changing industry, and ready to help our customers take advantage of new systems- and process-related opportunities that arise as their own markets continue to evolve.

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