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December 9, 2019

The Big Three: Essential Considerations for Selecting a Gas Delivery Partner

As today’s technology landscape continues to evolve, so too does our reliance on high purity gas. In fact, many of the innovations used in our everyday lives—ranging from chips in mobile devices, to LED lights, to 3D printed goods—rely on high and ultra high purity (UHP) gases during the manufacturing process. In order to ensure the pure delivery of the process gases necessary to enable these cutting-edge innovations, manufacturers require a gas delivery partner that is capable of meeting their stringent demands for quality, precision, and purity. When selecting the right partner, they should consider the big three:

The Product Line

It is important to remember that the product is not just the gas cabinet, or the purifier, or the controller. Rather, it is the entire system, which consists of numerous discrete components working in concert to meet each customer’s unique requirements. Consider first the partner’s breadth of offerings. Look for a manufacturer that provides all of the components needed to deliver a complete and high-quality gas delivery system. This will help ensure the turnkey delivery of a gas delivery system that is ready to perform without additional add-ons required, and simplifies life by enabling you to work with a single provider. Consider next the diversity of offerings. Different applications vary greatly when it comes to gases to be purified, impurities to be removed, and level of purity required. Make sure that your chosen partner has a diverse catalog of products that enables you to optimize a solution around your purity specifications, desired features, and budget. Last, but not least, consider product quality. From the largest system to the smallest component, your gas delivery partner should be known for providing high quality products that are trusted by the world’s innovators and proven in practice to uphold process integrity.

The Customization Capabilities

Even if a partner’s suite of standard offerings is expansive, unique applications often require unique gas delivery systems. Equally important to product line, therefore, is the manufacturer’s ability to custom configure solutions that meet specific process requirements. However, fully customized solutions often come at a high price point. A preferred route may be to start with a standard, proven product line and custom-configure it for distinct process specifications. A partner that offers this engineering flexibility can make a significant impact on your bottom line and ensure the reliability of your system. In addition to cutting down on cost and turnaround time, beginning with a proven product line mitigates many of the inherent safety, purity, and process control risks that accompany custom solutions that were built from the ground up.

The Systems Expertise & Support

Optimally engineered gas delivery systems come down to more than equipment alone. The success of a high-performing system relies heavily on a partner’s ability to understand and optimize for your unique application and environment. This not only requires deep expertise in the gas delivery system and its many components, but also knowledge of each application’s respective nuances. Working with a partner who brings expansive system and application knowledge to the table delivers real value at every stage of the process—from system design, to installation, training, maintenance, and beyond.

Comprehensive. Customized. Customer-Centered.

At AES, we deliver on each of the big three for true gas delivery excellence. Through our two proven equipment lines, SEMI-GAS®—optimized for ultra high purity gas delivery applications—and VERSA-GAS™—designed for the safe handling of versatile high purity gases—AES delivers flexible solutions to satisfy a diverse range of applications. Our equipment lines are augmented by our ARM Purification division, which provides a full suite of gas purifier solutions, as well as our Apex Precision division, which delivers exceptional quality precision welding services for ultra high purity process piping and welded components. Building upon our robust suite of standard offerings, our Applied Solutions division provides best-in-class customization services to meet even the most specialized requirements with outstanding reliability. Finally, we extend our rich systems knowledge and application expertise to customers in a range of industry-leading services that maximize value throughout the system lifecycle.

Are you ready to experience a different kind of gas delivery partnership? Speak to a gas delivery expert today to learn how to get started.

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