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December 28, 2015

Applied Energy Systems Closes 2015 with Record-Breaking Sales and Growth

The Producer of SEMI-GAS® Ultra High Purity Gas Delivery Systems Achieves Milestone Year with New Customers, New Products, and a Growing Team

MALVERN, PA, December 28, 2015 – Applied Energy Systems, producer of the SEMI-GAS® industry-leading line of ultra high purity gas source and distribution systems with robust control technology, has announced the achievement of a record-breaking year in both sales and growth. The company kicked off the first quarter of 2015 with the addition of several new customers, including a high profile player within the semiconductor industry, and has maintained strong momentum throughout the year with new products and initiatives to further growth. This includes the development of many new custom-engineered SEMI-GAS® products; implementation of continuous improvement initiatives for its engineering, Quality Assurance (QA), and manufacturing processes; and the addition of new team members and key executives to support the high standards of safety, quality, and performance for which SEMI-GAS® is renowned.

“This past March we celebrated the 35th anniversary of SEMI-GAS®, and it seems fitting to follow such an event with a milestone year of success for our company,” said Jim Murphy, General Manager of Applied Energy Systems. “We’re proud of our track record providing world-class gas delivery solutions to customers seeking premium, production-ready UHP solutions. I believe it is the proven consistency in our quality and performance that has enabled us to continue to actively grow this long-standing brand.”

In addition to the anniversary milestone, highlights for the year include:

  • The formalization of the company’s custom engineering capabilities as ‘Applied Solutions’, which includes a portfolio and process for developing custom-adapted gas delivery equipment that meets customer specific needs.
  • The introduction of a number of new SEMI-GAS products, from the modified Centurion™ Three Cylinder Fully Automatic Gas Cabinet for outdoor installations to the Xturion™ Adaptable Source System for flexible delivery of a wide range of gases at various flow rates.
  • The promotion of AES’ Field Services division which provides expert systems-related services to ensure optimal functioning of SEMI-GAS® equipment in working production environments.
  • The addition of a new Production Manager, Gabe Sulyok, to oversee the planning, coordination, continuous quality management, and direction of AES’ manufacturing department.

“It has been a tremendous and exciting year for AES and our SEMI-GAS® division,” said Jim Murphy, General Manager of Applied Energy Systems. “As we look ahead to 2016, we plan to continue to build upon this momentum with even greater focus. The achievements of our company have always been rooted in our commitment to our customers, and to powering their innovation with our gas delivery solutions. Our goal will continue to be to reach the next level of success, together.”


SEMI-GAS® supplies ultra high purity gas source systems, distribution systems and control technology to leaders in the Semiconductor industry, as well as customers in related industries that seek world-class designs for safety, quality and performance. SEMI-GAS® gas handling systems and equipment are engineered to support manufacturing of the most advanced electronic devices, delivering the highest process purity to improve product performance and reduce overall costs. As the first supplier of micro-processor based automated gas source systems, SEMI-GAS® brings 35 years of gas distribution systems innovation to its customers—and boasts one of the largest installed bases of gas handling equipment today. For more information on SEMI-GAS®, visit

SEMI-GAS® is a division of Applied Energy Systems, Inc., which designs, manufactures, and installs ultra high purity gas delivery systems in addition to providing precision welding services and field services for high purity piping installations, testing and technical consulting.

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Megan Kasper
Applied Energy Systems