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September 20, 2019

The Properties of Gas Purity: Criteria for a Gas Purification Solution

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been exploring various properties of gas purity. In our first post, we discussed the three primary technologies leveraged in physical gas separation. In our second post, we shifted our focus to gas purification media and the specific trace impurities they eliminate. In this, our final issue of our “The Properties of Gas Purity” blog series, we will examine three pillars that are key to selecting the right purifier solution.

Before we get started, it is critical to note that the gas purifier is not merely a component within a larger system. It is the lynchpin of purity, capable of making or breaking process integrity. As a result, the definition of the ‘right purifier’ must be expanded beyond the vessel itself. In fact, the services that support purifier performance and the partner that delivers the purifier are both critical parts of the right purifier solution.

With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the primary pillars of the right purifier solution.

Pillar 1: The Purifier

The most important pillar is the purifier itself. Selecting the purifier that best suits your application is a spec-driven process that takes into consideration the removal efficiency, flow rate, gas, impurities removed, and more. These factors vary on an application-by-application basis. Highly specialized applications require customized purifier solutions.

The gas purifier has one core function: to remove impurities, which must be completed with total reliability and precision. For industrial-grade applications such as manufacturing, purifiers must uphold 5Ns of purity, while highly sensitive applications such as semiconductor fabrication require up to 9Ns of purity. Falling below these precise standards can have detrimental implications for output and yield.

In addition to selecting the right purifier, it is important to answer a few questions. For example, has this purifier been leveraged by other innovators? Is it commonly utilized for your application? Has it proven both effective and reliable? These questions are critical when evaluating the quality and capability of the purifier itself.

Pillar 2: The Services

In addition to selecting the right purifier, the right services must be available to maximize each purifier’s performance, affirm its effectiveness, and extend its lifespan. These services start at the beginning of the purifier’s lifecycle with training and maintenance, which focus on educating and empowering users to properly operate and maintain their purifiers.

To ensure precise purity and optimal operational performance standards, gas analysis and asset evaluation services need to be available to assess the condition and performance of the purifiers throughout your facility. These services eliminate uncertainty around the current state of your gas delivery systems.

To extend your purifier’s lifespan, technology refreshment services and purifier regeneration services are crucial. As purifiers age, technology refreshment services can replace modern process controls, HMI, and other outdated electrical components while retaining the core components, such as vessels, valves, and plumbing. Similarly, purifier regeneration services have the ability to restore a vessel to full operation, ensuring optimal performance while maximizing your return in the purifier’s lifespan.

Pillar 3: The Partner

The partner is just as important when deciding on the right purifier solution. Purification cannot be an incidental focus of your partner, but rather, a proven area of specialty. In addition to purifier expertise, your selected partner should have a deep understanding of system requirements in order to best advise customers based on what they need to achieve. The ideal partner has a proven track record of the dependability of its products and its commitment to customer success.

ARM Purification is that ideal partner. With over 20 years’ experience in gas purification and solutions that purify more than 65 unique gases, we deliver the purification technology and services needed to meet even the most rigorous and specialized application demands. As a division of Applied Energy Systems, we’re able to pair our extensive purifier expertise with a 50-year legacy of gas delivery excellence to deliver solutions that are truly best-in-class.

Want to find the right purifier for your unique requirements? Check out our Product Finder, or contact one of our system engineers today.

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